Each of our courses is customized to your specific needs, and can be delivered in a group or individual setting.

Leadership Training

Exceptional leaders bring out the best in their employees and teams. They use skills which not only help their teams perform well, but also keep them engaged and motivated. Effective leadership improves team performance, increases motivation and creativity at work, and also improves overall well-being in the workplace.

Our Leadership Training courses focus on skills to help executives better manage and more importantly successfully lead their team and organization.


Participants will learn to:
  1. Lead rather than simply manage a team
  2. Develop relationships and trust
  3. Develop and cultivate the strengths and skills of their team and organization
  4. Anticipate and respond to change
  5. Resolve conflict

Example Course Outline
  1. Exploring different management styles
  2. Cultivating social and emotional intelligence
  3. Communicating with your team
  4. Effectively managing and resolving conflict
  5. Managing virtual and remote teams

Dr Anna Serlachius is a Health Psychologist who specializes in providing clients with advice and practical training in improving work productivity, health and well-being. Her training sessions uniquely incorporate the latest evidence-based research from the fields of occupational psychology, health psychology and positive psychology.