Each of our courses is customized to your specific needs, and can be delivered in a group or individual setting.

Stress Management Training

Stress is unique as a concept, being less tangible than other health-related factors. And for this reason it is often provided with less attention. However, stress is responsible for more absenteeism in Europe than any other factor, affecting employee well-being as well as workforce productivity.

Our Stress Management Training courses offer a toolkit of skills to combat the negative effects of stress, increase resilience, and improve productivity.


Participants will learn to:
  1. Understand stress and its impact on health and performance
  2. Identify stress in the workplace and in teams
  3. Respond to and manage stress in order to encourage a healthy and productive work environment
  4.  Use a toolkit of stress-reduction techniques to better cope with stress

Example Course Outline

  1. Define stress and its symptoms
  2. Explain the significant impact that stress can have on health and performance
  3. Learn to identify the most common symptoms of stress in a team
  4. Provide and discuss strategies to help manage stress and encourage healthy behaviors in teams
  5. Teach individual strategies to cope effectively with stress and how to implement them into everyday practice

Dr Anna Serlachius is a Health Psychologist who specializes in providing clients with advice and practical training in improving work productivity, health and well-being. Her training sessions uniquely incorporate the latest evidence-based research from the fields of occupational psychology, health psychology and positive psychology.